NiuYichee Set of 4 Water Absorbent Diatomite Coasters, Diatomaceous Earth Kitchen Soap Dish, Bathroom Trays, Water Absorbing Stone Used for Hand Soaps & Plants & Toiletries in The Modern Home

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(as of Apr 16,2023 17:54:39 UTC – Details)

Diatomaceous earth is a substance formed by plankton on the seabed or lake bottom after hundreds of years of deposition, It is rich in a variety of beneficial minerals. It’s body has a porous molecular sieve structure with strong adsorption capacity,humidity control and air permeability. Water Absorbent Diatomite Tray ingredient : diatomite , quartz sand , plant fiber. Instructions for product use: 1.Clean powder on the products’ surface with water before usage then put the products in somewhere dry and airy until they dry out.Powder, color spot, tiny scratch, etc, would be normal due to raw material being diatomite, usage and quality won’t be affected by this. 2.Please use the products in places airy, do not use the products under strong sunlight or dry the products with hot air. 3.Kept away from colored liquid otherwise causing stain on the surface never to be cleaned up. 4. This product should be cleaned and air-dried regularly, If not cleaned, the use effect of the product will be affected! 5.Fragile articles, move the products with care and do not drop it from high or collide them with items solid. 6.Stainless Steel Feet with Silicone Pad prevents slippage and maintains bottom space, allowing the absorbent pad to volatilize moisture faster. Maintenance: 1.Clean dirt and normal stain with clean water. 2.Clean stubborn stain with detergent. 3.Use sand paper to polish the surface when absorbent functionality deteriorates to regain the functionality.
Made from natural Diatom mud and plant fiber, small holes within diatomite enable it have amazing water absorption. They could absorb water and gets dry in a few minutes. It makes the Bathroom Counter top more dry and tidy.
Silicone anti-skid mat is introduced into the product, which can effectively prevent skid and separate from the table. This design improves the contact surface between the diatomite coaster and the air, extending the service life of the product.
Easy to clean, just need to wash with running water and wipe with a wet sponge, then dry naturally.
Suitable to be used as absorbent mats for soaps / cups / soap bottle / dish sponge / make-up bottles, and anywhere you need to absorb water quickly and keep the table / countertop surface dry.
Product A Size: 3.15 inch * 3.15 inch * 0.35 inch (8cm * 8 cm * 0.9 cm)
Product B Size: 6.3 inch * 3.15 inch * 0.35 inch (16cm * 8 cm * 0.9 cm)

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